how to change ration card from one shop to another Tamilnadu TNPDS

In this post we will give details about how to change ration card shop, TNPDS Tamilnadu distributes essential things for peoples like rice , sugar, wheat , oil etc to eliminate poverty. Few years back Paper printed Ration cards are used and peoples purchase materials at fair price in the ration shops now they are replaced with smart card and everything is made online so now a days peoples no need to visit Taluk for every small changes in ration They can just apply online and it will be verified by officials and if everything is ok they will approve the change.

Question 1: I Have moved to a new location how to change my ration shop?

If you moved to a new place for work or changed to new home then you can apply for address change in online with following proof then the ration shop will be changed automatically , In TNPDS website we have no options to choose particular ration shop If we submit our new address Ration shop which is near to the new address will be allocated to you.

Detailed procedure about ration card address changing is given below

Visit the TNEPDS website There choose “change of address” from the smart card related services , after clicking on it provide your mobile number given in the ration shop.

 After clicking on submit you will receive the OTP, After the OTP verification you will get the below form.

From which select “change of address” in the select service, Then provide you new address correctly as per the proof like aadhar card, voter id, electricity bill , we have completely given the full list of all documents which can be used for address verification.

After completing the entering address upload the document click submit, Then you will get a reference number for this request , later you can use this reference number in tnepds website to know the status of the process.

Click here for TNEPDS address change

Question 2: I dont want to change address i wish to change shop from one shop to another

Some are asking about how to change shop without changing address because TNEPDS may have alloted a shop that is not near to address or wish to change to a shop near to the address which is convinient to them. If you wish to change shop without changing address then you need to visit Taluk in person and give a letter with shop code you wish to change. If you make small change in the address through online and give request letter in taluk office with your reference number details then it will be change quickly.

click here to know ration shop codes

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