how to get computer patta in tamilnadu / verification online

How to get computer patta?

By the year 2008, Tamil Nadu stands third position in issuing computerized patta for all the land registration (Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are taking the first and second position respectively). Land layout sketch will not be taking place in the computerized patta.

Besides, by the year 2011, the Tamil Nadu Government has brought certain changes in the procedures. According to these changes, the person who seeks for the computerized patta should approach the village administrative officer, in person, and should get the application and receipt of application from the former.

In case of, the patta does not involving the sub-divisions, then the applicant can directly get the patta from the Taluk office after verifying the original documents.

In case if the patta involve the sub-divisions, then the applicant can receive the patta on the fourth Friday from the day of application (after the surveyor verifies the property).

Applicant is advised to remit the fees charges, in case of involving sub-divisions, on the day of obtaining NOC from the Tahsildar. And within 30 days the procedures for the sub-division should be cleared out. This is the procedure to get the Computer Patta in Tamilnadu.


Online verification of patta:

To verify patta Tamilnadu online, visit the official portal where the link ‘’e-service’’ should be selected. Again select the district office link. Now, the proper details like name of the district, taluk office belongs to, name of the village and the patta number for the patta or chitta can be seen. Enter the survey number and sub- division number, if any, if the patta number is not known. The sub-division of survey number should also be entered.

get patta

Procedures to verify the properties in Chennai online:

Verifying the properties in Chennai via the same official portal has been included, recently. For this, click ‘documents’ initially then select the appropriate Taluk office. Enter the block number along with the name of the street. Then enter the survey number and sub-division number. Go for a search, where survey number, sub-division number, address of the property and the measurements of the property and name of the owner can be seen. Correction on any of the above details can be done easily online.



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