where is dd number in demand draft example

Banking has been around for quite some time. Even though banking has evolved a lot from what it was years ago and most of it is now done online and on paper documents are slowly disappearing but still some things are much in use. Demand draft us one of those methods of payment which is extensively used nowadays. It is mostly used to make payment to a firm, organization or any other body where payment in cash is difficult.

Demand drafts of any amount, less than Rs.50000 are issued by banks in lieu of payment in cash that includes some amount of service charge. They are made in favor of the organization to which payment is to be made and are valid up to six months from the date of issuing. DD number is a unique identity number that is associated with every demand draft. The number is usually located at the bottom of the dd. Many a times dd number is required for confirming payment to the payee. In such cases the bottom most part of the dd should be looked at. The dd number is printed there and is a unique code that can easily be identified. The dd number of a demand draft should also be noted and kept safely until the payment is confirmed. This should be done so that if the dd is sent to the payee and the dd is not cashed due to some problem or in case the dd is lost then the dd number can be used to check any case of fraud.


DD numbers examples of popular banks


Canara Bank

 canara dd numbrt



 hdfc dd numbrt







In case if you have doubt in finding DD number in Demand draft then above screen shot will surely helps, because lot first time users are doubt about where the DD number is present.



Demand drafts are a very safe mode of payment. Also a plus point is that these are valid for a long time after the time they are made. In case they are lost even then they cannot be cashed by a person in whose name/ favour it is not issued as money is mostly directed to the payee’s amount. Thus one should learn the basics about them and should be able to handle with important details like dd number. In case a person is still confused about dd numbers, then the bank officials should be consulted.


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