Delhi minimum wages 2018 notification , list, pdf

Wages are payment given to the employees or workers for the work they have done. It may be varies with the type of works and experience of the worker. Mostly it is calculated for hours of work done. But it may be paid on daily basis every after the completion of work or together for all the working hours in a month. In this post we are sharing the Delhi minimum wages 2018 list which is officially given by the labour department of delhi in their notification.

But there is a range of wages with respect to the work and job. And these ranges also differ from one country to another. For every country there is a minimum wages given to the lowest of the worker and at the same it all differs. The workers might not agree to work if the wages given to them are below the minimum wages fixed for that specific state or country.

Every now and then this wages are also increased, although not frequently. At that time, there may be supporters as well as there are people who are against the increment of the minimum wages. The supporters will be those who are paid the minimum wages. With the advancement of the world, living standard and value of money being on high side they feel that they should be given a minimum wages that can at least carry the weight of a family.

But in real and simple view, the minimum wages should be given considering the amount as well as the quality of the work. How hard the workers are working and how much they are giving out their labor should also get noticed. Otherwise their hard work will go in vain.

The Category of worker may be divided into different classes into Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Skilled. And, according to the qualification, it is divided into Non Matriculate, matriculate but not Graduate and Graduate and above. Labour department has clearly stated the amount rates for all above said category workers individually for a day and for a month. We are giving the screen shot of it. This is as per the notification released in the march month of 2017.

Delhi minimum wages 2018 list for all categories.

The details about it also available in for the public, you need details elaborate then you can check the given official website, there the notification is published in the labour department section.

[ Click here to download minimum wages pdf list ]

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