Read Employment Newspaper Of This Week May 07 – 13/05/2016 Online

If you are a job seeker then you will like to know about the available employment opportunities that you can try for. For this you need an authentic source of information and one of the best sources is the employment newspaper of the week which is being issued by govt of india.


It has been issued every week in English and Hindi languages, which covers all job highlights of Public sector companies


Know How To Read Employment Newspaper (07/05/2016 to 13/05/2016)


Before you try reading employment newspaper it is necessary that you know exactly how to go for it. For one; you can read the employment newspaper of the week in form of print media but that is not the only option for you. These days most of the print media contents are also available online and you can opt to read the e-news instead of the traditional print media news. In addition; you have to know exactly how to go for the desired contents in the bulky newspaper.


Ongoing edition: May 07, 2016 to May 13, 2016, check all jobs published in this edition as follows.

employment news may 2016


Official website has been redesigned recently which helps visitors to get all details easily section wise.

Official website:


How to subscribe for Employment news e-version May 2016 

If you want to subscribe for e-version of paper you can follow below link, there register and pay for it then receive all job news through your mail and also download e-version of the paper.


 employment news subscribe

Decide Exactly What You Need

It is necessary for you to decide on what you need. The employment news of the week will contain several sections. One of them would be devoted to public or government jobs while the remaining parts will be devoted to corporate and private jobs. There would be further classification among the jobs offered. For instance; government jobs for which you have to go through the Public Service Commission or such other recruiting agencies will have different type of ad floated in the paper. On the other hand smaller jobs where no such agencies are involved will be posted on insider pages. The same analogy applies to the corporate and private jobs. You have to decide which type of job you are looking for and searching the e-paper or print media would be much more convenient in result.


How to Apply for Jobs?

It is very important for everyone to apply for the jobs within last date, deadlines are mentioned in the newspaper, just google the company name with post you will get apply online link, before that verify that whether you are qualified to apply for it.


If You Have Prior Information

If you already have idea about some employment facilities coming up like the banking services, railway services, or such others or even the All India Services Exams to be held than look for the relevant page directly instead of searching page by page for the contents. Knowing ahead what you are looking for will spare you the trouble of searching each and every page and column which could be a tiring and daunting practice.


Usually the newspapers and that includes the employment newspaper gives a brief index of the contents inside the paper. Glance through them carefully and you can reach directly the page where the contents you are looking for will become accessible for you. At the same time you can go for both national and local employment news of the week to find your desired job opportunity.

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