Freedom 251 registration not working, Is it Fake?

Freedom 251 smartphone going viral since few days on social media websites and news portals, finally registration started from February 18th 6.00 A.M, some users said that they have registered for some pieces successfully, but lot of users cant able to register for it. We also tried, freedom 251 registration not working while we tried and got blank page some times, After clicking on Buy now link from index page it asks number of quantity to add into the cart and after entering number of pieces it is showing total amount to be paid in which it is showing 251rs for phone and 40rs, below to this we have enter shipping address, If we click on Pay now after clicking all above details same screen is refreshing and products are not added into the cart also there is no option for to pay the amount for product. If we call the support numbers such 0120-4001000, 4200470, 6619580 it is responding that all the routes are busy now and try after some time. This may be due to overwhelming response from the users or they may have disable the purchase option because of much response.

Is freedom 251 is a scam?

Lot of users on social Medias are saying this is one more spam, fake and so on, because it is not possible to purchase even a smartphone battery at this price now a days, look at the specification of the product below.

freedom 251

If we purchase a smartphone of specification in this range we need to spend at least 4500 to 6000, hence the cost of this phone is 20 to 25 times less than that of other models,

We are clueless now about how it is going to be possible, media news says company has confirmed that there is no connection with the government (source: NDTV), so they might have tie up with preinstalled applications and network operators.

As per the media news ICA has forwarded a message to telecom minister of india to check the issue and it will come to know whether it is original or fake if government respond to this. (source: IBNlive)

If Ringing bells supplies phone to all registrars with decent quantity then sure it will cause drastic change and everyone will have a smartphone in their hand and no one buy basic models.

How to Register this product?

  • Go to and select buy now
  • Choose the quantity and fill shipping address details
  • Finally pay the amount for it and confirm the registration.

Other things to consider before you Register?

  • It is not a popular brand hence the quality of product is unsure.
  • They didn’t mentioned anywhere about maximum units available for the registration.
  • They said they will ship it within 4 months.
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