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GST (Goods and Services Tax) is an indirect tax introduced and applicable throughout India. It will replace those indirect taxes that were existed in the central and state governments. It was introduced with the principle of “one nation, one tax, one market”. Still there are lot peoples still don’t have clear idea about it, in case if you are among them and looking for the official contact details for getting details from them then you came to the right page. Here you can get Tamilnadu GST contact number details.

When an item is produced, it follows a long chain of process. It will start from the manufacturer up to the customer. It includes Purchase of raw materials, production or manufacture, warehousing of finished goods, sale of the product to the retailer and sale to end user. Here, GST will be applied to every stage. And, it may be termed as Multi-stage tax.

GST will also be applied to the product as a value addition. For example, while manufacturing a clothing item. From the small basic item of wool and yarn, to next stage where it is woven into a specified cloth and to another level when the warehousing agent adds a label and tags. The retailers pack the clothes separately and invest in the marketing thereby increasing its value again.

GST will be levied to each of the value added, during the process of making the final product and delivering to the customer.

Besides, GST is actually levied at the point of consumption thereby making it a destination based. If a product is manufacture in one state, afterward selling and delivering it to another state, the entire tax revenue will be owned by the later where the final product is being sold.

GST contact number for Tamilnadu: 1800 103 6751 (Toll free)

GST Call Centre: 0124-4688999

But still the people are having so much of confusion related with the application of GST. It is very much needed for all the people, to have at least some knowledge about GST. The government of India have published and notified many toll free helpline number for enquiring and to get suggestion about GST.

GST Helpline Email address

For those who are looking for the email id to get help by contacting online, they also reply by email so you can contact following address.

GST helpline:

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