Tamil puthandu wishes 2018 in tamil font, chithirai 1 new year pictures

Tamil new year (Vilambi) will be started on 14th April 2018, All the tamil peoples are started celebrating it by doing good things and going to temples, it is popularly called as “chithirai kani, chithirai thirunal, chithirai thiruvizha etc”. To share this with friends in social media websites and messengers guys are searching “Tamil puthandu wishes 2018 “ pictures we want to help you here by posting some excellent pictures, As it is the tamil new year lot of visitors are looking for send wishes in whatsapp / hike / facebook / twitter only in tamil fonts, here all the pictures are uploaded only in tamil font hence sure it will satisfy your expectation.

As it is a state government holiday in tamilnadu all the government staffs and students get leave today, all the political leader are started conveying their wishes to public, mostly peoples celebrate the festively by visiting their favorite temple and worshipping gods, All the temples have good rush today and gods are devoted by placing various fruits like banana, lemon, orange, etc

Tamil months begin from “chithirai ” hence the first day of this month has been celebrated as tamil new year, Tamil astrology is based on the tamil months hence lot of astrologers are publishing horoscope reports for new year. Tamil peoples are living in various countries because of their profession and other factors, all are celebrating it though  though they are not in tamilnadu without forgetting their tradition.

Lets come to our real theme of our topic, see all our tamil new year wishing pictures one by one below, just download it by saving the picture, if you enjoyed it don’t forget to share it with your friends and share your comments / wishes to our wishes with the help of below input box.



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As per some popular astrologers public horoscope report they are saying this year will have good rainfall, increase in agriculture crop yields, gold / silver rate will increase, Stock trading will be steady, rupee value against dollar will increase and so lets what will be happening, we hope this year will bring all colorful things to your life “tamil new year wishes to you and your family”, try to do all good things today and take new resolutions, finally enjoy the day with full fun.


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