Tamilnadu schools opening Date 2018 {Matric Govt}

After the summer holidays tamilnadu schools will reopen on june 01, regarding this tamil school education department has sent notification to schools that they should prepare the environment clean and it should be helpful for the students to study.  All the government and private schools will be reopened on June 01, govt and govt aided school principals have to follow the govt instruction and need to prepare the school for students before reopening.

Tamilnadu schools opening Date 2018: june 01, 2018

Date is common for all the matric and government schools present in the state.

As per the Govt notification following instructions are mentioned

  • Water storage tanks need to be cleaned with antibacterial spray
  • Toilets need to be cleaned and if it have any defects it need to be fixed.
  • Depending upon the number of students each schools should have appropriate number of drinking water pipes, toilets etc and also have proper fans and lights
  • Incase if there is any defect in the building roofs it should be cleared.
  • Institution need to verify the quality of doors , windows etc

All the principals need to issue books and notes on the date of reopening of all schools.

As the re opening date is coming closer notes and Books printing works in Sivakasi is getting fastened as students will start to buy it soon, Due to the effect of GST and the increase in cost of raw materials price of notes and books may be hiked upto 20% . Through more than 25 factories in sivakasi books , papers and accessories are being manufactured .

Annual Holidays make the students refresh their mind and for concentrating in next class studies . Students are enjoying holidays by going tours , playing their interested games , watching television and so on .. Lot of them are also joining summer classes , swimming etc to improve their skills. For all Educational news you can follow indianjobsalert for getting latest updates.

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