TNEB Bill calculator 2020 domestic online / TANGEDCO tariff cost check

With the help of this post you can calculate your bill yourself in online just from this page, we have described all the details briefly so we hope it will help you to get the details correctly.

Things needed to find the amount

  1. Your energy meter previous reading in KWH / KVAH
  2. Your energy meter current reading in KWH / KVAH

In case if the above things looks strange to you then, we will give you the procedure about how to find it, so just read the post further.

Note: This TNEB Bill calculator 2020 is only for finding cost for domestic connections, because for commercial and industry usage rate per unit / government subsidy amounts will vary.

Step 1:

  1. Reading no 1 is available in the so you need to login to the website first
  2. Then choose “bill history” from the menu
  3. Now you will see the list of service number of EB accounts you added in the portal
  4. Choose the service number which you want to find
  5. Now you will see the bill history with details like unit consumed, bill amount and so on
  6. There click over the “Detailed bill” which is present in the last column.tneb bill calculator
  7. Now complete details are shown in your screen with Bill particulars and total energy charges
  8. There you are able to find a column which is starting with “Meter no”, In the row you are able to locate “PREVIOUS READING KWH / KVAH” note down its readings (old value).

energy meter reading

Step 2:

  • To know the current readings check your meter and note the reading no 2 (current value).
  • Now find the total amount of units consumed so far by subtracting new value – old value.
  • For example if your current reading is 2900 and the previous reading is 2670, then the consumed units will 230.

In order to calculate your current month electricity bill enter the consumed unit which you detected using above said instructions in the following bill calculator.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d”]CLICK HERE TO PAY TNEB BILL ONLINE[/su_button]

Calculation method has been updated as per new government announcement about subsidy for first 100 unit for domestic users, we hope this tool will be useful for you..  

Want to calculate bill for service no which is not coming under domestic plan?, click on this link, here first choose the type of tariff you are using, enter billing cycle, consumed units, contracted loads and so on. Finally click on calculate to see the result.

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