Vijay TV Big Boss participants Tamil 2017 names

Vijay TV Big Boss participants were revealed and the list was kept secret so far. In the first episode of the program actor kamal haasan has revealed the list and as per it there are 15 participants and their names can be found from below.

The Exclusive Big Boss Resident Home for the participants was shown in the episode of 25/06/2016 in which the celebrities are going to stay for 100 days from june 25th. the list of names of the participants are given as follows.

  1. Actor sri
  2. Actress Anuya
  3. Actor Vyapuri
  4. Actor Bharani
  5. Dance Master and actress Gayathri Raguram
  6. Lyricist snehan
  7. Actress / Anchor Aarthi
  8. Actor Ganesh Venkatraam
  9. Actor Kanja Karuppu
  10. Jallikattu Protest famous Juliaana
  11. Model Raisa Wilson
  12. Actress Oviya
  13. Model Araar
  14. Actor Shakthi Vaasu
  15. Actress Namitha

After the Vijay TV Big Boss participants enter into the big boss house all their communication devices were confiscated, they cant able to watch TV , they cant able to contact anyone through Internet, mobile phone etc. This is the very first rule of the game. They can’t able to find even Daily magazines in the room. All the celebrities participating in the Big boss show need to prepare their food own, Their only entertainment will be swimming in the pool, doing exercise in the gym and Cooking. Other than this they may speak with other participants if they wish.

Contestants need to stay in the house for 100 days, Cameras were fitted in all the places except Bathroom so their every movement will be recorded except in the bathroom.  The contestant who withstand all these things and performs well is considered as the winner. Big Boss Actor Kamal said that in that game anything can happen at any time. This program is published on vijay Tv every day at 9.00 P.m and 8.30 P.m on Saturdays and Sundays. This program is popular in some foreign countries and north india but it is new for Tamil. You can watch this program in Vijay TV or hotstar.


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