ICC T20 world cup time table 2016 pdf March India matches

Cricket is amongst the top viewed sports worldwide and T20 is the format which has gained huge popularity in recent years. The game has received a lot of attention and the ICC T20 world cup is about to be held. The schedule for the matches has been announced by the ICC and this time India will host the T20 world cup finals. The world cup is, as per present plan supposed to start on the 11th of March and end on the 3rd of April. This page help you to download the icc t20 world cup time table as pdf. Final match will be played in the Eden gardens stadium located in Kolkata.


The adrenaline rush is definitely high and it will not be wrong to say that every team will put their entire self in order to win the tournament. To make it to the finals, rigorous efforts are required to be made by every team as the various group matches will ensure that only those who have prepared well will reach the top.

Matches schedule in which India is participating

T20 is mainly popular due to the extreme uncertainty that is present till the last ball is bowled. It is not uncommon to witness that only through a course of a few balls, the entire match is turned upside down and the ball crossing the boundary line is witnessed every now and then. Apart from this it consumes very less time and in this time players are able to give their entire energy in one go, definitely raising the standard of the game.

t20 wordlcup

In super 10 round each team will play four matches, India plays matches on following dates, the first two teams which leads in the group 1 and 2 will be selected for semifinal. All the matches are scheduled in the March month except final one which is scheduled on april 3.


Download T20 world cup time table March 2016 pdf


If you need matches schedule of all countries then download the pdf file using the above link,

The ICC T20 world cup time table has been proposed by the ICC after careful evaluation and pondering over different facts. In fact every team has been provided with sufficient days between two matches which will provide them precious time to practice and rest. ICC has also laid forward different rules which guide a player to play in accordance with the code of conduct. All such details that are released by the ICC will be made public so as to benefit the game lovers.



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